About Us

Root and Willow is a small batch skin care line designed to pamper the skin and nourish the spirit. 
Every product we offer was inspired by a specific self care ritual and daily mantra, elegantly printed on the back of our bottles. We believe that every swipe of lotion, every long hot bath should be an act of affirmation, practiced with mindfulness and deep appreciation for ourselves. And so we bring you thoughtfully formulated skin care indulgences, skillfully crafted with natural, beneficial ingredients in the hopes that they will awaken you to a new form of self care. 
We hope you enjoy.


Sara Rampersaud is the owner and chief formulator at Root and Willow. Inspired by the power of simple affirmations and a long-standing love affair with botanical ingredients, she set out to create a line of skin care products that change the way we experience self-care. When she’s not in the Root and Willow studio or laboratory, she can usually be found playing with her 2 children or curled up somewhere with a good book and a soft blanket.

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